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New York City

BROWNSTONES: Having successfully completed several brownstones in NYC, we understand the complexity and hard work that goes into this type of renovation. From the acquisition process, to the approvals with zoning, planning, LPC and DOB, through design and construction management, we can create a plan with you to achieve your goals.

CONDOS & COOPS: Our firm has fully renovated hundreds of apartments in the Upper East and West sides of Manhattan. We guide you through the building management approval process, interact with the building architect and help with LPC and DOB approvals. Our design-build format has proven to be a great fit for this type of project.

exterior 2 Wright Architects White House on the Lake.jpg

Tri-State Area

CUSTOM HOMES: After completing hundreds of homes around the country, Wright Companies appreciates the challenges and rewards that each project represents. We work with our clients from site acquisition and preliminary design through site analysis, zoning and planning approvals to the actual design process, schematic, design development, construction drawings, bidding, procurement and construction administration. Our Construction Management as Agent approach is successful for projects $1million and above.


CARBON NEUTRAL MODEL HOMES: We offer three model homes: Mi-1200, Mi-1500 and Mi-2000 based on square footage. These houses are highly energy efficient, all electric and designed to a Phius CORE standard + Certification. They could also include solar PV and solar thermal or be ready for a future installation. The HVAC system can be geothermal or conventional. Our goal is to be involved in the placement of the house to capitalize on passive solar and plan for storm water management.


PRIVATE ESTATE RESILIENCY PLANNING: Our largest project yet is a residential complex with a 16,000 sq ft mansion, koi pond, lap and infinity pools, guest house, garage with a second story apartment and more. We worked with the client to establish resiliency goals. This project is now off the grid, powered by solar PV and LP gas generators. 


We can help establish your goals and create a plan that can be implemented over several years. Our plan consists of retrofitting strategies to save as much energy as possible, assess the new energy consumption and then implement renewable energies.

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Contractors and Developers

We understand the complexities of the approval process. We are not only designers but also builders and building owners. 


We have extensive experience with the design-build process; however, we have also developed designs on a design-bid-build format. There are efficiencies on both, but we find that the design-build format or integrated project delivery method allows for a better product. In order for these delivery methods to work well, you need a skilled and talented team in a trusting environment with individuals who communicate well and are committed to the success of the project. Many of our clients have chosen our team as their agent given our extensive knowledge in sustainable systems and strategies. If you want more information, please CONNECT WITH US






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